If you are a prelicensed or newly licensed mental health professional, this podcast is designed for you! It is so natural to feel worried, confused, and paralyzed about starting your therapy career.

And of course you have questions surrounding so many topics. But who likes to be a bother to other people?

Well, this podcast’s sole purpose is to “be bothered!” Ask us the questions you want answered, and we’ll get to work trying to answer them. Our hope is to help you move from paralysis and doubt to courage and fulfillment. Ask away!

Questions Submitted

  • What’s on the mind of other associate therapists? Answered in Ep. 1
  • What’s the first step in starting a private practice? Answered in Ep. 2
  • How do you start a private practice entirely via telehealth? Answered in Ep. 3
  • Should I go solo, or join a group practice? Answered in Ep. 4
  • How do I network with family lawyers? Answered in Ep. 5
  • How do I reach small Korean churches? Answered in Ep. 6
  • What kinds of workshops do you think churches most desire from a therapist and why?  Answered in Ep. 6
  • How do I network with psychiatrists? Answered in Ep. 7
  • What tips can you give in regard to holding your clients’ grief when experiencing your own grief? Answered in Ep. 8
  • What is the best way to prepare for the MFT licensure exam? Answered in Ep. 9
  • Any suggestions for the MFT clinical exam? Answered in Ep. 9
  • How do I master confidence? Answered in Ep. 10
  • Should I Intern at Private Practice or DMH? Answered in Ep. 11
  • What should I consider when starting a professional social media account? Answered in Ep. 12
  • What percentage of pastors do you think are open to seeking therapy? How can we get this percentage to increase? For those who are open, what qualities do you think they seek in a therapist? Answered in Ep. 13
  • How to find work to gain the necessary hours for licensure when you have little to no experience? Answered in Ep. 14
  • How do I become more culturally competent in my work as a white therapist? Answered in Ep. 15
  • How do you see private practices changing after Covid-19? (Specifically when it comes to nondirective play with children) Answered in Ep. 16
  • How do I succeed on social media? Answered in Ep. 17
  • How do you usually go about determining your caseload in private practice? Answered in Ep. 18
  • Should I get on insurance panels? Answered in Ep. 19
  • How can I combine my passion for ministry and skills in therapy into one career?
  • How do I meet more Black business owners?
  • How to build a client base when you are an associate in private practice? My supervisor has been very generous in referring clients to me, but unfortunately, clients are looking for a provider who accepts their insurance. I do have a PT profile and website but would love to hear about other methods for building my client base
  • How do I keep track of all the records and data that DMH usually took care of for me?
  • Is there a step by step manual out there that can guide me in starting a private practice?
  • How can I make myself a desirable hire as an LAC?
  • What are some innovative ways for therapists to be more engaged through partnerships with others in the community?
  • What are some good resources to brush up on the basics of how to conduct a basic course of supportive therapy?
  • What tips can you give for expanding private practice by hiring another or other clinicians?
  • Is it ethical for me to life coach while between counseling jobs, or even in addition to counseling?
  • I have an LPC in IL, I took test many times did not pass. I have been practicing for 5 years do I still need supervision if I do private practice?
  • What are some tips for networking that go beyond traditional networking events and reaching out to other therapists?
  • What do I do immediately after my session ends?? 🙂 self-care, notes, ritual(s), etc.
  • How to find part time jobs that can help with loan repayment while building private practice?
  • How do I make ends meet during practice, internship & pre licensure? I’m in my first semester of grad school and working full time, and I already am not sure how I will make ends meet after graduation. (I’m 27 & unmarried, no kids)