001: What Questions are Other AMFT’s Asking?

In this first episode of New Therapist FAQ, I interview 3 Associate Marriage & Family Therapists practicing in California: Moet Monroe, Naomi Choi and Jed Meyers. I invite them to share what questions they have as they embark on their mental health career. 

Some of their questions include: 

  • Should I go solo or with a group practice?
  • How do I master confidence?
  • How do I network with psychiatrists?
  • How do I network with family attorneys?
  • And many more

My hope is that some of their questions will validate your own questions and emotions, while others will spark some reactions such as “Hey that’s a good question!” 

Your questions are the lifeblood of this podcast, so please submit more of your questions! Also, I’d really appreciate if if you’d take a moment to rate/review this podcast so that other new therapists can find it. Thanks!

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