Should I Get on Insurance Panels?

What should I consider before making the decision to get on insurance panels? Dr. Lynn Raine chats with me to help you make a more informed decision! Find out more about Dr. Raine’s services: And as mentioned in today’s conversation, I think Simple Practice is an EHR tool that will help SIMPLIFY your … Read more

An Episode about Therapy for Pastors

Today’s episode is all about getting into the minds of pastors. Pastors are extremely under-represented as far as therapy clients go. This is troubling considering the amount of stress pastors experience. Joining me today is Dr. Ben Shin. He is an associate professor at Talbot School of Theology, teaching in both the masters and doctoral programs. … Read more

What should I consider when starting a professional social media account?

Is social media really that important for marketing?Isn’t my Psychology Today profile enough?I don’t have many unique profound things to say. Everything’s already been said…Should I be on every social media platform? These are just some of the talking points for this episode. I’m joined by special guest Hatty Lee who gives great perspective based on … Read more

How do I master confidence?

Joining me again is Dr. Marie Fang! Marie is a licensed psychologist practicing in San Jose, CA and she is the host of Private Practice Skills, a wonderful and helpful youtube channel for therapists in private practice. Today we tackle the question: How do I master confidence? (Hint: Such a thing doesn’t exist!) Here are … Read more