How do I hold my client’s grief when I’m experiencing my own personal grief?

There will often be times when our client experiences deep grief. And we as therapists do our best to help them get through it. But what if we the therapist are also experiencing our own season of personal grief? 

Today’s question is: How do I hold my client’s grief when I’m experiencing my own grief?

Helping me answer today’s question is Lynn Raine, Ph.D., LCSW. Lynn is a professor at Azusa Pacific University’s undergraduate social work department. She has worked in domestic violence treatment and prevention with victims and perpetrators; has been a school-based therapist provided counseling to children in elementary, middle, and high schools; and has worked in the areas of teen pregnancy and sexual assault, and with teenage sexual offenders. She also has experience in policy work, providing legislative advocacy and creating and implementing workplace policies in the area of domestic violence prevention. Raine has coordinated different programs, and has experience providing clinical supervision. Her research interests include social work education and clinical issues with diverse populations. She also maintains a private clinical practice specializing in adolescents and women’s mental health including perinatal/postpartum depression, grief/loss, family of origin and identity work, and trauma.

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