004: Should I go solo or join a group practice?

We’re going to answer this one with the point of view of someone who has just gotten licensed, or is very close. For those of you in the process of trying to gain hours for licensure, we’ll have a separate episode addressing your decision, so stay tuned for that.

Helping me answer today’s question is Hatty Lee, a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing near Los Angeles CA. She is the founder of Oak and Stone Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc. and she’s a gifted writer, and she uses this gift so well on her Instagram account. She is making a big impact on people’s lives, asking thought provoking questions and putting words to elusive feelings, which just helps our mental health so much. Hope you enjoy the conversation and get some of your questions answered!

To help you make more use of today’s episode i’ve included a simple pdf that summarizes the pros and cons mentioned in today’s discussion, just so you have a visual aid, and hopefully that will help you make a more informed decision.

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